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About Us

We are Rat2 Motorsports! We are made up of car enthusiasts who strive on providing useful, honest service and products to the automotive community. With years of comprehensive experience in automotive design, engendering, repair and fabrication.we are pleased to answer any questions you may have. We will provide you with the parts you need to service, repair, and customize your vehicle for years to come. If there are any parts or products which you are in need of, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, allowing us to utilize our extensive resources and knowledge to find the parts you need!

On behalf of the Rat2 team, Thank You!



Customer Agreement:
I, the customer, agree to Rat2 Motorsports performing invoiced and related work to my vehicle under the agreement Rat2 Motorsports is allowed to modify, test, and use the vehicle as necessary to complete the invoiced work. Rat2 Motorsports, LLC and related parties are not liable for damages or costs incurred while driving and/or testing my vehicle. I, the customer, accept full responsibility for my vehicle during and after the process of any work being performed by Rat2. 
I, the customer, agree to pay in full for the services described above upon completion of all listed auto repairs and purchased parts prior to picking up their vehicle from Rat2 Motorsports. Rat2 Motorsports will provide a written estimate before any payment or work is started. I agree to pay for all parts, labor, fees, taxes, and other charges incurred during the performance of any repairs/upgrades of or related to the invoiced items. Once approved, the estimate is converted to an invoice detailing all final work, parts, and fees, showing the final outstanding balance. I, the customer, understand all down payments for projects are non-refundable and cancellation of the project after accepting an estimate/invoice are at the customer’s discretion, but do not entitle any refund or returned parts. I agree all outstanding payments must be made in full before Rat2 Motorsports releases the vehicle/product. 
Rat2 Motorsports shall provide a limited warranty covering the work performed under the terms of this auto repair contract. During the warranty period, Rat2 Motorsports will, at its sole cost and expense, correct any defects in workmanship related to the repairs performed in relation to this contract. This warranty covers the labor of repair only and does not extend to any parts, materials or costs incurred to receive warranty work such as transportation of vehicle or repairs not performed by Rat2 Motorsports.
When applicable, I, the customer, understand engines or other parts used in this invoice may be in “used” condition and carry no coverage or warranty by Rat2 Motorsports. All engines are considered “used” unless otherwise stated. This includes all included accessories and parts on the engine, (turbos, alternators, throttle bodies, ecus, wiring, coils, distributors, ignitors, transmissions, clutches, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and rotating assembly, pump, etc. Any parts will be marked as “Used” on the invoice when applicable. 
When applicable, I accept any legal or financial responsibility connected with work performed by Rat2 Motorsports related to, or in connection with, emissions control or exhaust systems. Rat2 Motorsports releases the liability of any federal or state law to vehicle emissions or safety laws with the agreement any of our cars in question are sold for “race, or off-street use” only and are not intended for use on public roads unless specifically requested and built for that purpose.
Rat2 Warranty:
This warranty shall last for a period of 6 months or 5,000 miles from the completion of authorized repairs, whichever comes first, measured from the date the vehicle services are provided and the odometer reading shown on the applicable invoice. Note that any remedial work performed under this limited warranty will not restart the warranty period. If the vehicle odometer does not work, the warranty will be 6 months. The warranty will not be applicable unless the car is fully testable and are able to operate and drive the car normally. The warranty provided by Rat2 Motorsports will cover any and all work performed by Rat2 Motorsports on the invoice in question. We will repair or replace any part
Covered by Warranty:
- Workmanship and labor performed by Rat2 Motorsports;
- Parts built by Rat2 Motorsports if not covered by a specific part warranty;
- Supplies/materials (not parts) used in warranty work
Not covered by Warranty:
-Any damage to your car caused by abnormal use, misuse, maintenance neglect, alteration or tampering, or by external causes (such as accidents, fire, water, and freezing);
-Used Engine Blocks/Accessories from original importer/parts supplier. 
-Any problems/damage to vehicle/parts not related to invoiced work;
-Labor to replace parts not covered by the Rat2 Motorsports warranty;
-Parts and materials used in this invoice, the original manufacturers' warranty will still be applied where applicable;
-Any sum of money paid to repair or remedy problems related to this invoice not performed by Rat2 Motorsports, including transportation cost;
-Any legal or financial related liabilities in connection with the vehicle, parts, or any work, performed by or purchased from Rat2 Motorsports.
Warranty Will Be Void If:
-Any work or repairs to systems or parts related to this invoice not performed by Rat2 Motorsports;
-Sale of vehicle or transfer of ownership;
-Any outstanding debt or unpaid invoices to Rat2 Motorsports.