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Engine Building

Cylinder Head Rebuilds $150 Labor

-Removing all the valves, springs, retainers, and seals

-Professionally clean and check for any damage to these components and head

-Check for deck, exhaust and intake port surface flatness 

-Mill surfaces as necessary

-Regrind valve seats and reinstall to ensure perfect engine compression

-Install new valve seals to prevent oil consumption

-Professional reassembly and inspection

-No extra charge for installing new or aftermarket valves/springs

-Machining cost extra if needed


Short Block Rebuild $450 Labor

-Removal of all parts and accessories

-Cleaned and prepped for inspection

-Check deck surface for straightness

-Deck block if necessary

-Re-Hone Cylinder Walls for new rings

-Install new main and rod bearings (if necessary)

-Install new piston rings

-Install all new seals and gaskets

-Install oil pan, pump, and all other accessories


Long Block Rebuild $700 Labor 

-Complete head rebuild

-Complete bottom end rebuild

-Instalation of manifolds, turbos, accesories, ect...

*Does not include machining or time cleaning of all accessories such as manifolds, turbos, throttle...etc