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3SGTE Gen4/5 Crate Motor and DIY Swap Kit - Rat2

3SGTE Gen4/5 Crate Motor and DIY Swap Kit - Rat2

$ 6,995.00

Current lead times for these kits are 4-5 months at a minimum. Please allow plenty of time for kit processing. Thank you!
All 3SGTE crate motor kit now includes standard lower end and head rebuilds with forged internals. (Alteration is available)
Our crate motors kits make it not only easy to install, but gives you additional peace of mind and now, even more power! Like 400hp. 

After the recent shipment of JDM engines in we have realized we can no longer provide a high enough quality engine we stand behind without preparing the lower half of the engines. We had a near-perfect JDM pallet engine, one like we have installed on countless customer cars, BUT when we removed the head for some preventative head seal replacements, we found nasty bores and some rusty problems on the cylinder walls! These engines, as low mileage as they may have been when they were cut out of the Caldina over in Japan, have been sat around junkyards too long to be trusted in a high-performance setting. Many engines may still be in decent shape, but we have chosen to now only offer the 3S engines in rebuilt for in order to prevent any surprises or unforeseen issues with mystery "fresh JDM ~30-60km" engines... 

Why we are in there, we have also defaulted to now only offer these rebuilds with fully forged and reinforced connecting rods pistons with racing bearings, ARP hardware, and high-end machining work. More details and info to come.

Similar to the popular 2GR crate motors, our 3SGTE kit included all the necessary swap parts as well as additional engine prep and testing to your core engine. Here in-house, we assemble, prep, and test the engine, wiring, etc. to ensure you have as close to a complete plug and plug setup as possible.

One option for the crate is the newer 3SGTE "Gen4" or "Gen5" (4th or 5th generation of the 3S engine). These newer engines are brought in from Japan with average mileage ranging between 30-70k miles on them. Although they are 10 years younger and have almost 50% more power out of the box, the Gen4/5 engines bolt right up to any second-generation SW20 MR2 with minor modifications. Both the 4th and 5th generation 3S engines are similar in performance. The most notable difference is the throttle location. The Gen4 has a side feed intake manifold, more ideal for AW side mount intercoolers, where the Gen5 has a center feed (similar to the 2ed Generation factory engine the SW20 turbo. Gen5 engines are often less expensive, which they do have factory immobilized ECUs, which take more time labor to get running than the Gen4. All JDM imported engines, regardless of their mileage, are often in need of serious repair or rebuilding due to corrosion and age damage. For this reason, we no longer offer unopened "stock" JDM engines for our in-house and crate motor swap packages. 

Full Stand Alone Package: $3k with crate motor! Upgrade your crate motor with a plug-and-play LINK ECU with sensors prewired and everything pre-calibrated ready for custom tuning! Can support nearly any horsepower goal, just need to size fuel and turbo. 


Additional custom turbo kits, stand-alone engine management, fuel, and other upgrades available for crate motors!  Get a plug-and-play 400+hp engine shipped right to your door. (local tuning recommended for standalone applications). Ask for details!

AW11 MR2

This engine is also very popular for those running the older AW11 MR2 chassis and looking for some serious power improvements over the almost antique 4AGE.

*This swap in the AW11 DOES require additional custom AW11 motor mounts AND a donor S54 or the preferred turbo E153 with matching axles. (either drivetrain from the second-generation SW20 will work). These are NOT included with our crate motors, but we are happy to help source these for you. 


Below are all the parts included in the kits. We also offer a universal kit for running this in any setup (no chassis-specific parts included).  These kits are made to order at the moment. 4-5 week lead time at the moment. We can custom tailor each kit for your needs by adding or removing items when necessary.  

Call or email for an up-to-date ETA on your kit!


Rat2 3SGTE Crate Motor Kit:

  • Your 3SGTE engine prepped, built, ran & tested (Gen2, 3, 4, or 5)
  • See your engine run BEFORE installing it in your car!
  • Eagle Rods w/ ARP rod bolts
  • CP/JE Pistons (9.0:1 Compression unless altered)
  • King/ACL bearings
  • Cometic Head Gasket (Gen2) (OEM Gen3, 4, 5)
  • Powder Coated Valve Covers
  • Full Tune-Up Kit w/ Gaskets and Filters
  • ARP Cylinder Head Bolts 
  • Modified Water Neck
  • R2 Custom Plug and Play Wiring Harness (stand-alone wiring available)
  • R2 Modified Downpipe (bolts to factory MR2 location)
  • R2 Intake, Filter
  • R2 Tach Adapter
  • R2 Hardware Kit
  • Heater Lines
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump w/ kit
  • Redhorse AN Fitting Kit w/ Braided Line
  • Custom R2 Heat Shield
  • PCV Kit
  • Modified Motor Mounts (AW11)
  • Stock ECU (Gen2, 3, Gen4) or Modified (removed immobilizer) ECU (Gen5 only)

The following are services done to your 3S engine before test running:

  • Oil Pan Gasket
  • Intermediate Pan Gasket
  • Oil Pump O Ring
  • Timing Cover Gasket
  • Water Pump
  • Water Pump Gasket
  • PCV Valve
  • Spark Plugs
  • Valve Stem Seals
  • Valve Cover Gasket
  • Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Rear Retainer Gaskets
  • Rear Main Seal
  • Exhaust Manifolds Gaskets
  • Intake Manifold Gaskets
  • Water Outlet Gaskets
  • Water Inlet O-Rings
  • Drain Plug O-Ring
  • Stainless Hardware 
  • Hot tank cleaned and cleaned

*Other parts you may need to also get depending on your application. Ask us what else you may need for your build!

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Customer Reviews

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