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Clutch Kit - ACT 3SGTE - Rat2 Motorsports

Clutch Kit - ACT 3SGTE

$ 449.95 $ 636.00

This clutch kit allows higher power loads to be transmitted through the clutch and prevents slipping under hard acceleration. Kit comes with an ACT pressure plate that provides more than 30% increased pressing power, a new ACT clutch, as well as throw-out bearing clutch alignment tool. For Turbo 3SGTE w/ E153 transmissions 

Heavy Duty TM1-HDSS

  • Torque Capacity (ft/lbs.): 390
  • Torque Capacity Over OE: 32%

(Stock to light/mildly modified 3SGTE or stock 2GR)

Extreme Duty TM1-XTSS

  • Torque Capacity (ft/lbs.): 505
  • Torque Capacity Over OE: 70%

(High power 3SGTE or built 2GR)

Hybrid S54 Heavy Duty

  • Same as TM1-HDSS but with 20 Spline ACT Stage 1 Disk

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