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Bell Housing Hardware and Tap Kit - 2GR E153/S54

Bell Housing Hardware and Tap Kit - 2GR E153/S54

$ 49.95

When running the S54 or E153 on the 2GR, not all of the factory bell housing bolts will work. The 2GR block itself must also be slightly modified. We tap one of the unused factory holes in the 2GR bell housing for mounting the top right transmission bolt and then use three existing holes to secure the V6 to the original MR2 transmission.


This kit includes the correct length 1/2-20x2.25 bolt, washer, and tap for the new hole as well as the remaining M12 bolts and an M10 stud. We also include our bell 2GR housing bell housing template for helping you line up the correct holes and properly modifying your 2GR block for mounting. 


On the factory 2GR, if a metric thread is used on the upper rear bolt, a Timesert or HeliCoil must be used for an M12 or the hole drilled out larger for an M14 thread.  Alternatively, the factory size hole is the correct size for 1/2-20 thread to tap directly into the block. This is our preferred method and how we swap all of our in-house cars and crate motors. 

  • 1x 1/2" Bolt
  • 2x M12 Bolts
  • 1x M10 Stud
  • x4 Washers
  • Tap

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