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Exhaust Manifold 2GR - R2

Exhaust Manifold 2GR - R2

$ 49.95

For those of you wanting to fabricate your own exhaust system, these upper manifold / collectors are the perfect piece to start with. There are stamped from 304 stainless steel, then mig welded to match the original OEM upper manifolds. These have the factory upstream O2 bung already welded in place, which is all you need if you are not running catalytic converts (track use only). Simply continue the 2.5 inch Outlet down to your exhaust and you're ready to roll. 

These are also a great option for those wanting to build turbo manifold but do not want to cut flanges and/or make merges. Two shapes/designs available. Sold as individual sides, so domt forget, you need to add x2 for a set!


Our R2 manifolds use of the two center exit designs which give the most amount of clearance between the alternator, AC compressor, shift cables, axles, and subframe in the MR2 chassis.  The right exit style is great for the RWD cars or other custom setups.

Headers built with this style collector and open 2.5" tube usually results in about 285whp.

  • 304 Stainless Steal
  • OEM Style collector without having to cut/hack original pieces
  • Built in O2 ports
  • Two different designs to fit your custom build




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