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MR2 Plug-n-Play Harness Connector SW20 - R2

MR2 Plug-n-Play Harness Connector SW20 - R2

$ 9.00

For years, the standard solution for making the MR2 SW20 wiring harness plug-n-play has been a twin male connectors repined, to ensure the easiest, most straight forward installation for you, the end-user. This method uses the old male plug from either the 5SFE or 3SGTE chassis integration (far right plug on ECU). This plug carries a handful if important power and signal wires needed in a custom Gen4, 2GR, 1MZ, or another swap in your SW20. 

Until now, the installation consisted of aligning the pins and using tape or zip ties to hold the harness end together. Although we ourselves shave used this method countless times with no problems in our in house swaps, we have now printed a simple adapter plug that anyone with this style of connection may use to improve the overall strength and aesthetic appeal of that connection. 3D printed in ABS, this part will withstand anything it may see in the trunk of the car, providing you with a worry-free solution for many years of service!


*Note: this ONLY includes the plastic female-female plug housing. This assuming you already have a converted engine harness using this style connector (the yellow one in the photos with pins in it, commonly found in popular conversion). 


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