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Powder Coated Valve Covers - 2GR *Custom Colors Available*

Powder Coated Valve Covers - 2GR *Custom Colors Available*

$ 499.95

Powder coating your valve covers is the of the most effective ways to cosmetically upgrade an engine. Too often, we have seen powder-coated valve covers come back from powder coating shops full of sandblasting media. We have seen firsthand how these contaminants can damage new engines when they get into the oil system. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to offering quality powder coating in-house, which gives us peace of mind the valve covers are clean and ready for use, free of contaminates.

We offer full in-house powder coating for a range of products. This in particular is our set of 2GRFE Valve Covers, custom-coated with a range of colors. All covers are meticulously cleaned before and after coating to ensure no debris had made its way into the baffles during coating. Clean covers guaranteed!

These covers also come with a complete gasket set and our stainless steel valve cover bolt sets!

Contact us for details on your color options! 

This price does include a core cost for a pair of original factory covers. If you send us a set back we will refund you $175.

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