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Turbo Timer - Rat2 - Rat2 Motorsports - 1

Turbo Timer - Rat2

$ 44.95

Turbo timers are supposed to be an inexpensive way to help guarantee the longevity and safety of your turbo but keeping your car running after you turn the key off. Many other turbo timers on the market today are packed with additional expensive features which most users do not end up using. We have designed a simple, high quality, effective product which provides the functionality you want out of a turbo timer, without the expensive bells and whistles. The single knob allows you to select between 5 seconds to 5 minutes of running time after you have shut off the ignition. There are only four wires and a ground to hook up to your car for installation, with all the necessary connections and wiring included with the kit for installation without having to cut any factory wiring. We offer free shipping on this product to the lower 48 USA. Contact for international shipping!

A number of people asked if we could upgrade the Turbo Timer to include a parking brake shutoff feature without changing the rest of the Turbo Timer. The standard 5 wire version now includes that upgrade!


Installation Guide (Current 5 wire upgrade)

Owners Manual and Warranty


-Dimensions:  25 x 50 x 50mm (1" x 1 15/16" x 1 15/16")

-Designed and Built in the USA

-High Quality



-1 Year Warranty


 Rat2 Motorsports Part Number: RT2-TT-02


Older versions:

RT2-TT-01 Installation Guide (Original 4 wire design)

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