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Lets Get Technical...

Technique Tim

Hello everyone and welcome to the first installment of the Rat2 Motorsports Tech Corner. As car enthusiasts and hobbyists, the only thing we love more than our cars is getting the chance to turn them into something special. Whether that's making a unique vehicle which stand out in the crowd, or a perfect example of an original classic, the means to our end always equate to work. Lots of work. Shop work. Painting, grinding, welding, turning bolts, detailing wheels with toothbrushes...the list is as long as the time we spend doing these things. 

Rat2 Motorsports was founded by Toyota enthusiasts who not only enjoy the inherent fun of driving our cars, but also the work which we all love, and sometimes, hate doing to maintain and modify them. Rat2 is primarily a retailer, supplying Toyota geeks with all the necessary, and more than often than not, unnecessary parts to keep their cars up to date. This being said, we here also provide services to local customers which range from oil changes to engine swaps. Over the years we have learnt a lot of tricks, how-to's, and more often, what not-to's, as they relate to the MR2 chassis and cars in general. 

This segment of our blog will be a center for informative tips, suggestions, lessons, and answers to the many problems all car geeks encounter. We will take your suggestions and questions email to and help you all out as much as possible!

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