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Tach Adapter - R2

Tach Adapter - R2

$ 129.95

We have developed a simple, plug and play adapter which allows you to use your factory tachometer with your swapped engine in your Toyota. Plug in the tach adapter from the output from your new ECU then simply connect the output from the adapter into your original tachometer! This will provide perfect ignition timing for your factory tach to function how is should, at all RPM's, all the time. 

Not only does the Rat2 Tach Adapter effectively modify and change the signal for your original impulse tach, being 100% digital it creates the ideal signal to drive the OEM tach and provides a smoother response than any other tach adapter available. (Analog adapters can have latency/frequency issues. 

This is intended for cars equipped with the older, high impulse tachometers, such as the 85-89 AW11 MR2, 91-99 SW20 MR2, or any Toyota which uses a factory igniter as part of its ignition system.  The "4 cylinder" version is intended as a single modify only- not a timing modifier. Timing in = timing out. If you have a 6 or 8 cylinder engine, this will work in your setup, as long as you are running an older style ignitor dash with a modern, ECU digital tach signal. 

 *Some customers have had issues with 93+ NA cars and their AC amplifier not working. We are currently looking into this but can not find any direct or obvious faults.  If you experience these issues with a known good AC system, please feel free to contact us for assistance!


True impulse signal

  • Silent operation - no annoying wine or humming
  • True RPM - Digital control means no approximation or 'tuning'


  • Rat2 Motorsports Tach Adapter
  • Connector

Overall Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.1 x 1.1 inches

Complete Datasheet and Installation Instructions

ECU pinouts for reference (Various Engines)


Part Numbers

  • 66012-57450
  • 66012-57451
  • 66012-57550
  • 66012-57551

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