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Here you will find a range of commonly asked questions about MR2s, Rat2 services, and parts. Many of these are direct copies over from customer emails/conversations. Some comments are up for debate and are personal opinions. Take 'em or leave 'em!

Please email us with any questions you may have!


AW11 Swaps

Possible engines and their real-world power:

The 4age has around 80-100 hp, while the 20v 4age has 150, similar to the 4agze supercharged. The 1zz has 140 hp, while the 2zz has about 175 hp. The 3sgte gen2 has about 200hp and the gen4 will have about 240 hp

Ease of swap:

The easiest swap is probably the supercharged/20v engine. Then the zz motors, followed by the 3s models.


As far as cost goes, the engines themselves go from most expensive at the 2zz, which starts around $2,000, the 20v which is around $1,800, and the gen4 is about $1600.

The cost of the swap is roughly inverse to the cost of the engine. The 3s engine is the most expensive to install, going down the 20v/supercharger being the cheapest.

Personal thoughts:

The 4age 16v is quite slow so it needs some improving, but this is difficult. . My '85 has a 20v blacktop and it's more than enough power for me personally. I think Mk1s are best when they have about 150-200 hp. Any more and its extremely fast in a straight line, but a bit scary elsewhere.

SW20 Swaps

How the 2gr swap works/power

Here is a brief summary of how our swaps work:

We can talk on the phone or over email about what specifics you want out of the build and what parts you are looking for. Once we determine what we are looking at you place a deposit with us, usually about $2500-$3000 (depending on what additional parts you are looking for). From that point, we then order all the necessary parts and accessories. We prep and test the engine which at that time we schedule a drop off time for your car. Once we have the car, depending on availability and scheduling, swaps take a few weeks to complete everything. We then drive the car and test it (40-80 miles) to make sure we are satisfied with how everything turned out. Once everything is wrapped up and polished you come pick up the car and pay the remaining balance. Then you drive and enjoy. (Trust me, with the 2GR, you'll definitely enjoy!)

Our bolt-on 2GR swap is averaging anywhere from 270-290 wheel horsepower and about that same amount of torque. The engine itself can take quite some abuse, up to about 300-350 quite easily being a 3.5L V6. Anything more than that it would be wise to start discussing building.

As for building the engine, this can vary quite a bit. Depending if you want cams or a fully forged bottom end, labor would start at a few hundred and go up from there. On the 2GR, being a more labor intensive engine to work on, a full rebuild with bearings, rods, pistons, ect, would probably start out around $3000 for labor plus parts.