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Group Buy

Group buys are a great way to get your new parts at an even lower price than normal! 

How it works:

Every few weeks we update the available group buy items. We call each of these updates "Events". You shop around and choose which parts you wish to purchase and at any time during the event you place your order. At the end of that Event, we order any additional items we may not have in stock, in addition to what we have available in the warehouse. The moment the new parts come in from the manufacturers, they get sent right back out to you! 

Most orders through the Rat2 website only take a few days to get shipped out. Group buys differ in that they tend to take up to one or two weeks to fulfill. If your parts needs can stand to wait a few extra days, you can save big on your next purchase

To purchase a product through a Group Buy Event simply select the "Group Buy" option on that product's page when available!