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International / Oversize Shipping

At Rat2 Motorsports we can ship nearly anywhere in the world.

If you are ordering from Australia, Canada, United Kindom, or anywhere else in the world, feel free to contact us to get your shipping quote perfect for your needs! The base price for many of our products is the average shipping cost from the United States to your country and allows you to make an order without needing to contact us for specific pricing. Once the order has been shipped, the difference in cost is automatically refunded. That being said, if the order is particularly bulky or heavy, the shipping cost could be more than the reference price. In that case, we will contact you with the details.

Feel free to contact us at anytime before or after an order to discuss shipping and unique services. We will create an order to meet your needs.

If you have a question or an order you are looking to make, feel free to contact us!

Our email us at


Please remember Rat2 Motorsports has no control over import duties, taxes or tariffs associated with importing goods into your home country and any import costs are not the responsibility of Rat2 Motorsports. If there are any specific needs, please let us know.