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Oil Changes

Our oil changes are a quick an easy way to have piece of mind. Bring us your car and we will change your oil and filter using high quality oil and an OEM Toyota filter. We also top off you coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid as necessary. We will inspect and check for any oil leaks or areas for concern, allowing you to have piece of mind that your engine is running reliably. We will also run and check engine, SRS or ABS warning lights OBD1 or OBD2 cars and let you know what is going on, as well as suggesting repairs. We will also perform a visual inspection of your suspension including ball joints and bushings. 

Conventional w/ OEM Filter $39

Synthetic w/ OEM Filter $59

Coolant Flush / Refill and Bleed $79

We have experience flushing and bleeding the factory MR2 coolant system. Let us inspect, clean and replace your coolant with top quality fluid.

Brake Service $25 per corner Labor 

We inspect rotors and replace pads where necessary.

Brake Flush $75 labor

Replace old brake fluid with new Dot 3

Clutch Replacement $450 Labor

If your clutch is slipping or old, have us replace it. Choose from a variety of clutch options as well as fix a potential leaky rear main seal all at once. Prices depend on which products are chosen. Contact us for unique needs. 


Timing Belt $375 Labor

-Don't struggle doing your timing belt yourself, we have the tools and experience to do it in just a few hours

-Replace old timing belt (not included)

-On 3S motors we replace the tensioner bolts with studs, making the job simple in the future.

-Excellent opportunity to change belt tensioner, idlers,  water pump, cam/crank seals, or oil pump