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2GRFE / 2GRFKS Lift Plate - R2

2GRFE / 2GRFKS Lift Plate - R2

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2GRFKS now available! In stock, ready to ship!

The factory 2GR never came with good engine hooks. Without any obvious threaded holes, loops, or bolts in appropriate locations, picking a 2GR up with an engine crane is a pain - not to mention the stress of lifting an engine you just spend time and money on building!

We have copied a popular idea from the hotrod world, where they would use the carburetor mounting points to lift the big V8 engines. We have taken this idea and made a lift plate that is custom cut for the 2GR intermediate intake manifold, providing you with an easy way of picking up and moving the 2GR around - while staying balanced and secure! 

We use these on every swap we do in-house because it saves us time and headaches. We also include these with all-out crate motors so it is super easy to pick them up off the pallet! If you are planning on owning and working on a 2GR, this is a must-have easy tool!

We clear-coat all of our lift plates after welding to prevent corrosion before shipment. Powder coating or painted coats do help but the spots where the hook loops through the lift holes can often chip or flake under load, damaging the finish. These are raw steel plates that will rust if left in a damp area, unprotected. After use, we cover our shop's lift plate tool in WD40 before putting it away after use to prevent corrosion.

  • CNC Cut 10 (~1/8") Gauge Steel 
  • Tig Welded
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Tested to over 1,000+lbs of weight on factory lift points
  • Available for the 2GRFE or 2GRFKS intakes. 
  • Made in the USA

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