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Clutch Alignment Tool - 2GR - S54/E153  R2

Clutch Alignment Tool - 2GR - S54/E153 R2

$ 13.95

This is a simple, yet perfectly fitted clutch alignment tool for correctly aligning your clutch disk to your input shaft. This is specifically designed to tightly and securely fit into the rear crankshaft housing and then fits the specific transmission you are running, either the ES54 NA transmission 20 spline clutch disk) or the slightly larger, 21 spline E153 clutch disk.  

You need to run a clutch disk that matches the input shaft of your transmission, so make sure to select if you are running an NA S54 or Tubro E153 transmission. This is for the 2GR size flywheel hole and your matching transmission. 

Come with one (1) tool. 


  • No more guessing of clutch alignment
  • Guaranteed perfect fit
  • Heavy Duty ABS construction
  • Hole for extra leverage if the tool ever gets stuck

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