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Exhaust Headers / Y-Pipe - 2GRFE Rat2

Exhaust Headers / Y-Pipe - 2GRFE Rat2

$ 899.95 $ 999.95

We have built a set of manifolds/headers for your MR2/FWD 2GR swap! Once built, we finish the headers by ceramic coating them which not only protects the finish but increases the efficiency further by retaining the heat within the runner. In order to make this set more affordable, we utilize the factory style collector which helps cut down on manufacturing time and material cost.

This design incorporated the y-pipe into the front header itself, so with two pieces you are set up and running. All you will need to do is build a system from the 2.5 outlets to your liking. These fit with the E153 or S54 axles!

We do offer a bolt-on dual exhaust option too!

  • 2.5" Stainless Tube
  • Stainless Flex Section
  • Built-in factory upstream O2 (additional down streams can be added in at cost)
  • Low Profile (does not hang below oil pan)
  • Stainless V-Band Connections for easy installation and removal
  • Includes y-pipe or "h-pipe" 
  • Fits the factory E153 AND S54 axles/transmissions
  • Clears Shift Cables on AW11 and SW20
  • Clears Options Toyota Oil Cooler
  • Clears AC Compressor

    The flow of these headers will still allow for plenty of power and we normally see 270-280whp on these all day. If you want to optimize your exhaust flow and get even more power from your swap, we also offer a set of tubular manifolds in this same setup for $1499.95


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