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Fuel Line Tank to Filter - R2 AW11

Fuel Line Tank to Filter - R2 AW11

$ 69.95

This is a replacement hose for the factory high-pressure, feed line between the fuel tank and fuel filter. These often get rusty and brittle over time. Toyota has discontinued this item so we have recreated a replacement built from high-quality AN fittings, reinforced braided hose, and the fuel filter adapter to bolt everything right up to the factory AW11 setup. This replaces the factory 23901-16030 Toyota hose that is out of production. 

These now come WITH the necessary metric flare adapter to perfectly match the Toyota fuel tank fitting. Standard AN JIS fittings can and have worked, yet this provides even more accurate fitment to prevent any potential leaks. 

*Please confirm location and double-check our part number reference. 

We assemble all our AN hoses here in the house with the best AN equipment and techniques, providing you with peace of mind you will have a leak-free setup. 

  • High-Quality Fittings made in the USA
  • Steel Reinforced Hose
  • Black Nylon Braiding for abrasion resistance strength
  • Direct fit to factory lines
  • Comes with JIS to Metric Adapter
  • No assembly required - comes assembled
  • Built and Assembled in the USA
  • Replaces Toyota part #  23901-16030 /2390116030 

*PTFE lines are sometimes built to order. We will notify you if there is a back order.

*Rubber Lines are NOT E85 Ethonal Compatible* 

*Fuel Filter NOT included* 

*Always check for fuel leaks under pressure BEFORE you start your car. Always check for fuel leaks at fitting joints and connections as you first drive a car. Improper installation or failure to catch a small fuel leak can lead to major car fires. PLEASE BE SAFE!

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