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Fuel Pump - Aeromotive 325 11565

Fuel Pump - Aeromotive 325 11565

$ 219.95

When swapping any MR2, you are most likely upgrading fuel demands on your stock car. Replacing your intake pump with a high power, high flow, high quality, intake pump will ensure you have more than enough fuel for you new setup. These Aeromotive pumps are much quieter than the Walbro counterpart and offer improved flow. 

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  • E85 Compatible
  • Compact 38mm body for OE fitment
  • Fits a wide range of vehicles
  • Flows 325 lph @ 40 psi
  • Internal check valve
  • Quiet, durable and reliable turbine impeller
  • Designed for in-tank use only
  • Specs: Fuel Injected Engines up to 800 HP – naturally aspirated up to 700 HP – forced air induction

Aeromotive Part numbers: 11565

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