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Head Gasket - 3SGTE Gen2 Cometic MLS

Head Gasket - 3SGTE Gen2 Cometic MLS

$ 99.95

Cylinder head gasket for the 3SGTE Gen2. Cometic MLS for high performance/high boost applications. Cometic gaskets are the industry standard for these types of engines. This size is a standard size for most factory gen2 engines being rebuilt with "standard" street spec compression.

This bore, of 87mm woks for the factory 86mm and over bores up to 87mm. The thickness, .040" is appropriate for a cylinder head that has been skimmed and a deck milled maybe once from the factory. This is only a starting point, however, so please consult your engine builder and/or machine shop to choose the best thickness gasket for your application. Cometic offers a wide range of thicknesses. 

Cometic Part Number(s): C4314-040


Manufacturer's Part Number:
Bore (in.):
3.425 in.
Bore (mm):
Gasket Material:
Multi-layer stainless steel
Compressed Thickness (in.):
0.040 in.
Compressed Volume (cc):


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