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Oxygen Sensor - Rat2 Motorsports - 1

Oxygen Sensor

$ 69.95

The oxygen sensor plays a vital role in maintaining your cars ability to optimize fuyel usage. A bad oxygen sensor can cause improper fueling, leading to poor fuel economy and a loss of power. This is an OEM Denso replacement that will guarantee proper function. 

For 3SGTE Gen2

Replaces Toyota part number: 89465-29365


Illustration Details
  1. Porous PTFE Filter - Allows atmospheric oxygen to enter the sensor without permitting water or engine contaminants to seep into the casing.
  2. Robotic Laser Weld
  3. Aluminum-Oxide Trap Layer - Keeps silicone and lead outside the ceramic elient through DENSO's exclusive design, preventing damage to the platinum electrode.
  4. Stainless Steel Housing - Resists corrosion and contamination with a rugged, watertight body.
  5. Double Protection Cover - Maintains proper unit temperature for quicker response times and protects the ceramic element against silicone and lead poisoning.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • PTFE filter blocks efficiency-robbing contaminants
  • Refined zirconia element improves sensor response
  • Superior design maximizes engine performance and fuel efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions
  • First Time Fit® delivers the right part the first time
  • Ensures smog test compliance


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