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PCV Vent Hose Replacement - 4AGE 16v 12261-16031

PCV Vent Hose Replacement - 4AGE 16v 12261-16031

$ 12.95

*Original OEM hose is discontinued/permanently out of stock. We now sell a replacement style silicone hose in its place.  This is a flexible piece that will bend, rather than a pre-formed hard rubber line. 

* OEM photo as reference only, this is a replacement hose.


PCV hose between the valve cover and intake manifold plenum. Comes with a black silicone hose and clamps. These are common problems with many older or high-mileage 4AGE engines. These hoses become brittle and crack and/or tear introducing a post-air flow meter (AFM) air leak. Upgrading to a silicone hose helps prevent leaks from forming while also providing a much longer life than the original hose.


 Replaces OEM Toyota Part Number: 12261-16031



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