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Turbo to Manifold Stud Kit - 3SGTE R2

Turbo to Manifold Stud Kit - 3SGTE R2

$ 29.95

A simple way to replace the damaged or worn-out exhaust studs on the 3S turbo manifold. With the included anti-seize, these studs thread into the exhaust manifold and secure the turbo to the collector.  The studs provide a solid clamp force across the manifold and will work with any turbo or NA manifold application. These studs are high-quality, grade 8 Torx drive studs. The torx drive allows for easy installation and removal. 

The upgraded copper washers provide a great locking nut on the studs to help prevent stud back-out. Additionally, copper washers help prevent seizing and stuck nuts when you go to next remove the manifold, especially after many heat cycles. 

  • Replaces Factory 3SGTE Turbo Studs
  • 4x M10x1.25Torqx Drive
  • 4x Stainless Steel or Copper Locking Nuts
  • Anti-seize

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