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Engine Wiring Harness - Swapped 2GRFE MR2 R2

Engine Wiring Harness - Swapped 2GRFE MR2 R2

$ 2,499.95

*These are built to order, please allow a few weeks to process and build harness.


All new, custom-built harness, specifically for the MR2 2GR application!


These are on the shelves and are plug-in-play ready with NO CORES NEEDED! This is not a conversion service, but rather a brand-new harness built from scratch. 

To get your new 2GR running in your MR2 without any electrical gremlins, the easiest thing to do is to swap in a brand new harness, custom-built for your setup. Our harnesses provide full functionality of the necessary 2GR features, integrated seamlessly into the factory MR2 chassis. This is not a conversion service, but rather a new harness entirely custom-built in-house for the 2GRFE MR2 setup. No old core engine wiring harness for your 3S/5S or 2GR is needed (but they do help)!

Through years of building in-house 2GR swaps, we designed and specifically optimized a new harness layout for simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. Although not a fully "tucked" harness, this harness has been designed with its visual impact on the engine bay in mind. The harness is neatly "tucked" out of the way where possible while staying stable and not unnecessarily awkward to install and use. 

We also include ECU mounting brackets, a custom-designed OBD 1 port with built-in diagnostics testing and a universal OBD2 port for standard OBD data communication with the ECU. The harness also comes with the electronic throttle wiring for the e-throttle setup in the SW20 or AW11. The throttle harness has a plug in the engine bay, allowing the engine to be removed for future maintenance without cutting any wires. 


The AW11 kit comes with the same 2GR harness but universal body integration plugs that will need installation on the end-user side. This also assumes a drunk and/or trunk battery relocation with breaker/fuss installed. 


We will contact you to confirm the options and specs for your harness.

  • 5 Pin or 2 Pin 2GR ECUs (Stand-alone options available as special request)
  • All AW11 and SW20 chassis are available. (ZZW30 available with special request)
  • Custom-built, premium harness construction
  • Brand New OEM Toyota plugs and hardware
  • High-end abrasive and heat-resistant harness wrap
  • AC prewired for those running AC
  • OBD1 Custom Junction Box with original MR2 functionality 
  • OBD2 port with mount
  • Custom made firewall grommets / mounts
  • Comes with a Drive-By-Wire harness extension for the e-throttle
  • Best way to clean up the engine bay and add that custom, aftermarket look and simplicity
  • Comprehensive wiring manual
  • Full Tech Support for installation/diagnostics
  • FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 USA

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