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Fuel Kit 2GR MR2 - R2

Fuel Kit 2GR MR2 - R2

$ 299.95

This is the full kit needed for funning the non-return fuel set up in the older, return style (MR2) fuel system.

This kit provides you with all the quality components to ensure a leak-free fuel system that also quickly, smoothly, and accurately regulates and controls available fuel flow in the 2GR setup.  The heart of the kit is a workhorse AEM fuel regulator we chose as a solid platform for consistent fuel supply. This regulator is a 1:1 boost relative regulator and will work perfectly in forced induction setups with an additional reference boost/vacuum line to the regulator. (Factory/NA applications this port stays open). Fuel settings for a factory 2GR setup is 45psi with the car running. 

This kit also comes with all the hardware and lines necessary to go from a factory MR2 fuel system to an adjustable, returnless setup. A CNC laser-cut 6061 aluminum bracket mounts the regulator to the Bank 2 (front) cylinder head. This provides a clean, efficient travel path for the fuel and keeps your fuel lines safe, kink-free, abrasion-free, and secure for long-term reliability. The supplied Red Horse AN fitting provides the highest quality fittings for ease of mind that you won't suffer from leaks. We also include a new fuel filter to guarantees clean fuel on the 25+-year-old systems. The main feed lines are 6AN 3/8' hose with a 1/4' barbed return line. Some assembly is always required. 

Unless you already have an upgraded unit, we recommend you upgrade your fuel pump when doing a swap, too! Aeromotive Fuel Pump

What's Included:

  • AEM Adjustable Fuel Regulator w/ Guage  Click Here for More Info
  • 2GR Rail Adapter
  • Filte/Regulator Adapters 
  • RedHorse AN Fittings
  • Braided Fuel Feed Line (black nylon)
  • Return Line
  • R2 Regulator Mount
  • Fuel Filter
  • Necessary Clamps and Mounting Hardware

Different combinations of AN fittings are available for custom setups. 

*If you are swapping an AW11 with the upside-down fuel filter (inlet on top and outlet on the bottom) select the 180-degree -6AN adapter option.


RAT2 Motorsports is not liable for damages resulting in fuel leaks and/or fires. CHECK for LEAKS!

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