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Head Studs 2GR - ARP R2

Head Studs 2GR - ARP R2

$ 299.95

For those who need above standard clamping force on your 2GR cylinder head, we now offer a complete, high-strength ARP replacement set!  This is a custom R2 set of ARP bolts that comes with a complete set of 16 studs, 16 nuts, and 16 washers. This is a must-have for an engine with high cylinder pressures or forced induction. 

The studs feature M11x1.5 base threads with correctly sized thread length to ensure adequate clamping forced and help prevent striping of the aluminum threads. The top threads and nuts/washers a 7/16-20 standard thread, using the included ARP washers and nuts.

We also include an extended-length M11 tap for use in installation/cleaning your block. Care must be taken when tapping or modifying an aluminum block!

Torque Spec and Torque Sequence

  • Made in the USA
  • Highest Grade ARP 2000 Hardware
  • Reusable
  • ARP Assembly Lube
  • M11x1.5 Extended Tap
  • Torque to 85 ft/lbs w/ ARP lube (NO extra 90* like factory bolts!)


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