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Valve Cover Stainless Hardware Kit - 2GR

Valve Cover Stainless Hardware Kit - 2GR

$ 59.95

Polish off your 2GR's new valve covers with a complete dress-up kit that not only looks great but provides you with the complete set of bolts needed to install the valve cover and the top few sensors/coils. In most aftermarket scenarios, the stock valve covers will have unused bolt holes. We have included 16 additional short M6 bolts for blocking these unused holes where needed. 

This is a complete set of stainless bolts and washers for the 2GRFE valve covers, coil packs, cam sensors, and VVT solenoids. The kit is a mix of M6 and M8 bolts with respective washers for each Allen head bolt. The two center M6 flange head bolts come with the necessary sealing grommets. Follow Toyota's spec for tightening sequence and torque values. 


Valve Covers (Both Sides)

  • 23x M6/M8 Stainless Allen Head Bolts and Washers
  • 2x M6 Allen Head (flange in photo) w/seal grommets

Sensors/VVT Solenoids:

  • 14x M6 Stainless Allen Head Bolts and Washers

Empty/Extra Fillers:

  • 16x M6 Stainless Allen Head Bolts and Washers


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